About Biolete™

 Bi• o •lete means "Life Athlete," a combined word of Bio, meaning (Life) and Athlete.

Athletes aren't just the individuals on SportsCenter but those to participate in any organized team or individual sport that requires competition against each other.

We understand what it means to compete, how important your daily nutrition is, and what better way to get the day started than enjoying a cup of Cafe Latte. Take it from our Co-Founder and CEO of BioFit Performance, Kevin Masson. 

Kevin is originally from the UK and France. After cutting his pro rugby career short, he moved to Miami and graduated with a Bachelor's in Exercise Sciences and a Master's in Biomechanics. Kevin is a published writer and researcher. He made his name in South Florida training high-level professional athletes and decided to apply his knowledge and expertise by creating the BioFit Performance concept. Kevin is also a huge coffee lover, which is partially why he wanted to bring a performance coffee to the market. He noticed there were only a few coffee options with premium ingredients that fueled athletes the right way. 

With only the finest products, science, and practical health knowledge, fueling with the right ingredients will give you the energy and mindset to tackle anything.

Practicing fitness, nutrition, and recovery is the pathway for all lifelong athletes, adventurers, and high-level achievers.

Biolete™ is for those who aspire to reach their potential, so our mission is simple - make living a healthy lifestyle accessible and inspiring to everyone!